Johannes Seehuber

Hi, I am Johannes, 26-year-old from Upper Bavaria Germany. Since my childhood, I have been riding bikes. From road races with my family’s bike club to Dirtjump sessions after school, I tried and trained a lot. After a knee injury from a ski accident in 2016, I was forced to stop dirt jumping for some time and learned to love the benefits of enduro and trail bikes. I combine the time outdoors with my second passion—photography. I love to document and show my rides and adventures in pictures. With the support from Kona and the Ambassador program, I have the perfect platform for it. Being outdoors, exploring new trails and regions, having a good tech talk about bikes with friends, suffering and sweating on the uphill, feeling the flow on the downhill, building new trails, take riding shots… the list is endless and riding bikes is the perfect compensation for daily life and work.

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