The Kona Endurance and Adventure Team returns for 2017 ready to continue its global reputation for two-wheeled excellence. From gravel grinders to cyclocross, marathon adventures to pure, hard-core cross-country, and the ever-popular enduro, it's all good, all of the time.

The 2017 Kona Endurance and Adventure Team brings incredible young talent to the races with Rhys Verner, Amira Mellor and Kerry Werner. Combined with the veteran squad of Spencer Paxson, Kris Sneddon, Cory Wallace, Barry Wicks and Helen Wyman, the team is set to turn heads and nail down podiums around the world.

The Kona Endurance and Adventure Team focuses their efforts on high quality race events that bring on the good vibes. Races like the Epic Rides Off Road Series, the BC Bike Race and the Breck Epic, combined with aspirational adventure trips such as the Kokopelli Trail adventure and the Colorado Trail bikepacking race round out a top schedule from a top notch group of talented bicycle athletes.