We make mountain bikes for the excitement of adventure and because they take you to amazing places. It’s why our mountain bikes are built to do it all in any circumstance, from downhill to dirt jump, cross-country to crosstrail, enduro and all-mountain to just exploring and getting lost. It’s what has driven us to evolve the Hei Hei line into the most efficient, versatile and exciting line of progressive XC bikes ever. We draw inspiration from our backyard, where bikes like the Honzo were first developed, a line which has expanded in 2017 to include an all-new carbon frame. And we’re constantly fine-tuning bikes, like the Process and Operator, to improve on their legendary capability and performance. Born on Pacific Northwest trails, Kona mountain bikes are built to explore and expand your idea of what is possible.


Not all roads are created equal, and we believe a road bike should be adaptable to any condition. Our CX bikes have sampled mud on multiple continents in the biggest arenas and yet they’re versatile enough be used as a daily commuter. The Sutra LTD has pushed what is truly possible for a touring bike, riding on “roads” that don’t exist on maps. Innovation has captured our imagination and led us to create an evolved and sophisticated Roadhouse road bike that, until now, only existed in our dreams. And our venerable steel range of bikes continues to improve with modern technology, while retaining its reputation as a durable lifelong riding partner. Take a close look at our 2017 road bikes and you’ll see a line that is built for more than the road ahead; they’re built to satisfy your need for adventure.