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Vivien Faye

Hi! I’m Vivien and ever since I was a kid, getting on an adventure is what made me love riding bikes. It was a way to push my limits and express myself. Enduro always had that special place in my heart but after many years commuting to work I realized a bike could be a perfect way to travel around the world. That’s when I decided to get into Bikepacking. Now, with my Kona Unit X I’m discovering more trails that I ever had before.

For me cycling is not a race and I rarely look at the timer! Taking the perfect picture on a bike trip is worth extra minutes. Today, I use my free time to ride or write stories. With my modest knowledge on this sport, I have created, “Trailsonwheels” where I can share and connect with people. I’m really excited to join the Kona family as I feel like I already belong there! For sure it will help me encourage more people to get outside and explore… on their bikes!

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