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Tyler Stancill

Born and raised but a few pedal strokes outside of the District, I am known as the “renaissance man” at the bike shop I work at. Multifaceted assets include bike sales, mechanic, barista (yes, our bike shop has a full-service coffee shop), graphics/media, and consulting arborist. My indecisive insanity follows me to my biking habits which transpire within the veins of wooded single-track in between the pavement of DC suburbs in marriage with my lovely Sutra LTD. To silence the metropolitan madness, I take flight to the mountains of the east, usually Northern Maryland, Shenandoah, or Quebecois paradise of Vallée Bras-Du-Nord, upon my Kona Process 153 CR/DL mullet.

My initiative as a Kona Ambassador is to encourage those who are unsure about diving into biking and finding contentment and comfort while pushing limits. I hope to share bikepacking hacks, camping recipes, clothing-layering techniques and other outdoor endurance skills I’ve learned over the years as an Eagle Scout. Lastly but most importantly I hope to create a return and greater appreciation for the importance of our fellow inhabitants in the places we love to ride. The underrated life; birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects, arachnids, trees, and many other flora and fauna friends, they all need some love too.

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