Thomas Silva

First, it was the skateboard that occupied my days until the end of my teenage years. Soon after, I took the small wheels off my bike that I used to ride to school. Then I bought a second-hand Kona Stinky from 2006 that I used for everything. Whether it's riding in the mountains or climbing passes on the roads around my house, don't try that at home... During my studies, I met my first road bike, which quickly got a custom zebra paint (the "Zebrocyclette"). Thanks to that, I discover a new world.

The +100km bike rides, the weekend deliveries to earn some money, the alley cats: thank you my dear Zebrocyclette. Finally last year, I got my engineering degree and decided (sorry dad) to take a 180° turn and start a career as a photographer and filmmaker. Before this new life, I left for one month alone to cross my country and meet the actors of the French cycling scene. It is now in this direction that I want to orientate my practice: micro bike adventures through an original lens while bringing back beautiful pictures or a movie.

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