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Shae James

My name is Shae James (but my friends call me ShaeCafe), I’m from Bellingham, Washington, and I’m a sucker for anything on two wheels! Whether it’s mountain biking, dirt biking, or cruising the town with a bike gang of friends, I love to laugh and have fun on my bike. When I’m not riding, you can definitely find me trail building… and thinking about riding. Nothing beats building your dream line, except riding it after! I tend to gravitate (heh heh) towards bigger bikes like my 26” carbon Operator, Process 165, or Process 153. People love to ride with me because I’m the friend you want around if you need a confidence boost, some laughs, someone to tow you in, or someone to fix that hole (dengit!) I’m so stoked to be working with Kona because they have always been about that Full Send lifestyle, and I’m down with that!

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