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Nigel Ching

My name is Nigel and my favourite thing in the world is to ride my bike. Growing up, I possessed an obsession for hockey, skimboading and skiing but now, my athletic pursuit lies in two wheeled adventure, whether it be navigating dreamy solo suffer fests, shuttling with the crew, night riding, or hammering all around the labyrinth of trails on Mount Seymour. Biking gives me an outlet to express myself creatively and provides me endless opportunities to push my body and mind to their boundaries.

For me, being a Kona ambassador means sharing my stoke for bicycles with others. It means having a platform to share my questionable solo missions. It also means representing ethnic diversity in mountain biking. This season, I plan to ride a route that consists of stringing together The North Shore Triple Crown, The South Sunshine Coast bikepacking route (both ways), and the North Sunshine Coast route. My plans also include racing The Merritt Crown and checking off some of my buck list features here on The North Shore and in Squamish. Tune out, drop-in, or up and see you on the trails!

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