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McKenzie Barney

McKenzie is a global explorer, writer and filmmaker. Her adventures expand to the faraway corners of our atlas, always preferring to travel long distances by human power. Most recently, McKenzie cycled the length of Africa from Cairo to Cape Town, and Europe from Turkey to the Netherlands, a journey totaling 21 countries, 7 months and just over 15,000 kilometers. She's completed multi-month thru hikes in New Zealand, Chile, Nepal, India and our very own Pacific Crest Trail and Colorado Trail, but it was a bicycle voyage along the length of Vietnam that set her thruhiking-to-bikepacking transition in motion. She has produced documentary film projects and written stories for the likes of National Geographic, Outside Television, Fox Sports and top outdoor brands. In paths unseen, McKenzie is also a regenerative farmer, yoga teacher, and handmade artist.

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