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Marj Leggitt

I'm a native Coloradoan — actually a 3rd generation native. Boulder is my home. My career passions include scientific illustration and teaching online botanical art courses; my free-time passions are running, skate-skiing and biking.

I started mountain biking, probably, before most of you were born. My first bike, a 1984, 40lb+ REI Novara, took me on the Porcupine Rim, Slick Rock and White Rim loop when Rim Cyclery was the only bike shop in Moab.

Lots has changed. As a "senior" athlete, I now ride much gentler terrain. I also own a much lighter, more agile bike a Kona Hei Hei - thanks to my daughter, Gretchen Leggitt (another Kona Ambassador artist) who introduced me to the Kona world and some amazing NW riding on Galby, Orcas and in the Methow. I still push myself to climb the steeps to get thrills on the fast descents but leave the cliffs, ledges, monorails, and exposed single-tracks to the more adventurous!

I'm so honored to be included as a KONA Ambassador and am already brainstorming a art/bike collaborative. Stay tuned!

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