Don Brockett

I found bikes later in life. I always had a thing for gravity but could never pull off the Lycra, and it want until my late 20’s that I realized bikes involved a whole lot more than pedaling. I’d grown up downhill ski racing and took to enduro and DH almost immediately. The camaraderie that comes with this sport (and associated heckling) is second to none. I’ve become a half decent racer despite my middle-aged working professional status and I’m looking forward to the Northwest Cup, Cascadia Dirt Cup, and Team Trail Party events getting started again in 2021. While it can be hard for me to admit that I’m more of a biker than a skier these days, I never regret a day on the mountain. I plan to share my ambassadorship with my dogs, Bridger and Bridger, so expect to see a lot of them over the next year!

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