Delia Massey

Delia has been riding and racing mountain bikes since she went to college in Maine over 10 years ago and learned to ride on the rooty, twisty, technical singletrack of New England. Her first "real" mountain bike was a bright yellow hardtail 26-inch Kona Kula, and she's been hooked on the Kona brand ever since. After moving to Seattle 6 years ago and falling in love with the steep, loamy trails of the PNW, Delia traded in her spandex and XC race bike for goggles and a Kona Process and went full enduro, moving up to race at the pro level locally. She has also caught the bikepacking bug the past few years, with ambitious trips to Denali National Park and Mount St Helens that taught her many important lessons about the fine line between fun and suffering. Delia’s goals are to inspire everyone (especially women!) to get out and ride and push themselves out of their comfort zone. When planning her next crazy ride or trip, she reminds herself to not ask why do something, but why not? With that question in mind, she is looking forward to sharing her bikepacking misadventures and racing exploits over the next year!

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