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Crissy Moran

My home base is Asheville, North Carolina. I wish money grew on trees to allow me to provide better biking opportunities to underprivileged areas of my community. I love the quotes, “get lit stay fit,” “checkered flags or body bags,” and as a true southerner, “Raise hell praise Dale.” Bikes started to shape my life after spending 2.5 years devoted to chasing bucket list trails and locals advice on hidden gems. Bikes have brought dreams of bionic shoulders , the best friendships, bad news turning into blessings regularly and an outlook on life I hope to never forget or change. I love the downhills, but Pisgah believes whole heartily in making me earn my turns. I will shed tears of joy the day this region gives ebikes a fair chance for bigger adventures. I‘m always keen to ride with anyone of any level on any terrain who’s gonna be smiling at the bottom. Stoked on Kona and their excitement to support me and my fun-first vision on life. I hope my clinics and trail vibes spread reminders to all those nervous over thinkers/big egos/young bucks that bikes are supposed to be about good times, and homies!

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