Spencer Paxson

Spencer Paxson

A native Pacific North-Westerner, Spencer grew up in the small town of Trout Lake, Washington. There he first encountered mountain biking through a chance mix of bushwhack fishing hole missions, chasing mountain goats on Mt. Adams, and building shortcuts through the woods to his friends' houses. Now a seven year veteran of the Kona Team, Spencer has raced it all... cross country, marathon, cyclocross, downhill, enduro, from New Zealand to Japan, Norway to South Africa, to Colombia and British Columbia. He’s a 6-time member of the US National Team for World Championships, multi-time podium finisher at the US National Championships, and two-time Olympic Long Team member.


Date of Birth
December 9, 1984
Disciplines / Riding or Racing Focus
Mountain biking, of the trail riding variety, with XC, marathon, enduro and cyclocross racing
Konas in Your Quiver
Hei Hei Race DL, Honzo Carbon, Process 153, Process 111, Private Jake, King Kahuna, Shonky
Personal touches on your bikes?
Short stem, wide bar, fat tires, firm shocks.
Pre-ride Rituals
I just go with the flow.
Where are you from / where do you live?
I am from Trout Lake, WA and I live in Bellingham, WA
Riding with Kona since
Goals for the 2017 season?
- Win an event in the Epic Rides Series
- Win a big stage race (like Pisgah or Breck Epic)
- Beat my personal single day MTB climbing record
- Crush the Dirty Kanza 200
Favorite place to ride
Three things we don’t know about you?
  1. I learned the difference between the ionian, aeolian, dorian, lydian, mixolydian, and phyrgian scales when I was 12.
  2. I have my own coaching business called Peak Energy Performance.
  3. I've been to Japan, but I've never been to China.
Cats or dogs?
Dogs. Because cat poop.
Would you rather be eaten by a lion or be eaten by ants?
Ants. That way I won't turn into cat poop.
Zombie apocalypse or alien invasion?
Alien invasion. Aliens dislike cats, too.
Would you rather become a superhero or a supervillain?
Superhero. I'm just not good at being mean.
Sunrise or sunset?
Sunrise. It's when you drink coffee.

Favorite moment of 2016

Watching the sun set over Puget Sound after riding 100 miles and climbing 29,000 feet of vertical on my mountain bike. Actually, the burgers and beer with my wife after this was the best moment, but that doesn't sound quite as good.