Kerry Werner

Kerry Werner

About 15 years ago I hopped on a bike for the first time with the intent to compete. Since then my life has taken an unexpected but extremely welcomed turn – I love the training, racing, and community aspects. Before I knew it, I was racing MTB World Championships in Italy as a junior in 2008. I sure did learn a lot from that experience, but mostly humility and an even greater desire and drive to better myself. I realize how lucky I am to have been supported as heavily and enthusiastically as I have been throughout my career. As a result, I have always had a lot of motivation, though I don't take myself too seriously. I rarely pass up an opportunity to take in an expansive vista, watch the sun pop up or drop down over the horizon, or experience the tingle of wind on my skin as I drop in to a winding, rooty, rocky descent.


Date of Birth
March 27, 1991
Disciplines / Riding or Racing Focus
Cyclocross, MTB, and Asian food consumption (with chopsticks).
Konas in Your Quiver
Three Major Jakes, a Hei Hei Race DL, and dreams of a Process.
Personal touches on your bikes?
Wolftooth anodized chainring bolts and headtube spacers for that bling!
Pre-ride Rituals
Two things. I eat white sushi rice with peanut butter and honey before every race. Also, before "call up" I do these leg swings to loosen up my hips but they often look ridiculous and I get called out for doing yoga/calisthenics before the race.
Where are you from / where do you live?
I am from Birdsboro, Pennsylvania, where I spent the first 18 years of my life. Then I went to college at Lees McRae College in Banner Elk, North Carolina. I met my girlfriend there, Emily Shields, who hails from Winston-Salem, NC. I fell in love with her, as well as the western NC mountains, and now live in the Winston-Salem area. However, whenever I can I get to Asheville or Brevard for the most epic Pisgah mountain bike adventures ever. Also, great beer.
Riding with Kona since
Goals for the 2017 season?
Repeat win Transylvania Epic MTB Stage Race, bikepack the Blue Ridge Parkway with my girlfriend, win Mountain Bike Nationals (finally back to the east coast and not at 8,000+ ft elevation), hit CX season hot and keep the blaze of glory running all year. I'll have the North American World Cups, Pan American Championships, the ProCX overall, Nationals, and World Championships on my radar.
Favorite place to ride
Currently, Pisgah area of western North Carolina. Though, this is only because I am too ignorant of all the other amazing places to ride, like the Pacific Northwest for instance. I need to spend more time there.
Three things we don’t know about you?
  1. I love to ride to EDM and house music!
  2. I would really like to go to culinary school or start a food truck or breakfast and brunch restaurant and cafe.
  3. I would like to join the 14er's club, climbing all 53 peaks over 14,000 feet in Colorado.
Cats or dogs?
Dogs because cats are dumb! Can't imagine walking a cat on a leash or playing fetch with a cat.
Would you rather be eaten by a lion or be eaten by ants?
It seems like a lion would get the job done faster and be less torturous. Plus, before you would be eaten by ants you would have to undergo the feeling of them crawling on you, which would be the worst part. I hate when my extremities fall asleep.
Zombie apocalypse or alien invasion?
Aliens, because then we will know they actually exist. Maybe they would enlighten us about the farthest reaches of the cosmos before destruction and put computer chips in our brains that would, essentially, make us walking talking iPhones. I have always wanted to be able to blink and take photos through my optical field and store them in my brain hard drive.
Would you rather become a superhero or a supervillain?
I wouldn't care as long as I had amazing super powers and an equally amazing sidekick. Part of me would like to be able to read minds but I feel like that could get messy just as often as it would be beneficial. So I would stick to the basics: flying, invisibility, teleportation, x-ray vision. Superman crossed with Harry Potter.
Sunrise or sunset?
Sunset. It is the most relaxing and humbling thing in the world to realize how small you are but also that there is always one thing you can count on. I would just rather have the experience at the end of the day as I wind down and reflect on the past few hours' events, helping to absorb things.

Favorite moment of 2016

Signing with Kona. I had a stressful spring looking for a new home to house my cycling pursuits and goals. Kona came through in early summer with the best news I could have hoped for. As a result, I have had my best CX season so far. I am looking forward to more and better times down the road.