Barry McWilliams

I‘m an American illustrator & motion graphics artist living in Berlin, Germany, but my bike story starts in Indiana, where I‘ve never been. I went to the movies with my parents, then came home and wrote “Cutters“ on an old white t-shirt. It was “Breaking Away“ that first showed me that riding bikes could be more than just a way to get to school and to my friends‘ houses.

I‘ve since been lucky enough to have bikes take me on long, rutty trails through the US Northeast, up mountains in the Rockies and California’s Angeles Crest, along Spanish roads over the painted names of some of my favorite pros and finally in and around Berlin, my new home. For the first time in my life I‘m living in a new country, learning a new language and experiencing the thrill of new roads (and trails) every day.

My bike is how I‘m learning Berlin and it‘s how I‘m excited to be meeting new friends and seeing all of Europe at the pace and on the human scale that a bike allows. And funnily enough, nearly 40 years later, I‘m back riding my bike to school and to meet friends, and it‘s awesome.

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