Amira Mellor

Amira Mellor

I am a 19 year old cyclocross rider from Yorkshire, England. I am currently living an adventure, based in the south of France. I rode many different disciplines of cycling before I decided 'cross is what I love the most. I joined the NEXT Wyman – Kona program this past year and have loved every minute of it. It's my first season riding a Kona and I am a total convert.


Date of Birth
October 22, 1997
Disciplines / Riding or Racing Focus
Cyclocross, occasionally road and MTB
Konas in Your Quiver
Jake the Snake CR
Personal touches on your bikes?
Yes! I have Kogel bottom brackets which are anodized blue with "NEXT Wyman" written on them. I use NEXT wheels with anodized blue Hope hubs and multi-colored anodized spoke nipples, all about the bling! I also use Challenge tires.
Pre-ride Rituals
I totally believe in having my porridge on the morning of a race. I think in America it's called "oatmeal" but it tastes better as porridge!
Where are you from / where do you live?
I am from Holmfirth in Yorkshire, England. I am currently based in the south of France, at Helen Wyman's house. It's awesome for training but lacks chocolate in the cupboards!
Riding with Kona since
September 2016, a newbie.
Goals for the 2017 season?
Looking forward to the 2017-18 cyclocross season, I really want to improve on the huge strides I feel I have made this past season. I love 'cross and really want to make it my career so that's what next season is all about. I also have been trying this season to hop the barriers, I can currently do two 20cm planks but only one at full 40cm race height, so I have a busy summer ahead!
Favorite place to ride
In the south of France where I am based.
Three things we don’t know about you?
  1. I was born in Dubai. My dad was working there when I was born. We then moved to Australia for the first four years of my life.
  2. I'm part Viking... well... I have blonde hair, blue eyes and look a bit Viking so people say I am!
  3. I once binge watched the entire series of Gilmore Girls!
Cats or dogs?
Dogs. My brother has a gorgeous dog who basically melts my heart.
Would you rather be eaten by a lion or be eaten by ants?
I feel like being defeated by a lion is a more acceptable death than being eaten by ants!
Zombie apocalypse or alien invasion?
Alien invasion, because it could actually happen and I don't believe in zombies.
Would you rather become a superhero or a supervillain?
Being a superhero doing good deeds sounds more fun. I would like to be able to fly so it's quick to travel to places and see new things.
Sunrise or sunset?
Sunrise. I'm a morning person and I like the light colors against a blue sky rather than the dark.

Favorite moment of 2016

This year there have been so many favorite moments for me, and all of them have been about learning new things and pushing my boundaries. There is a really rocky, steep drop in to the final part of the mountain bike route to my house in France and I have been trying to find the right line to ride it since summer. Finally on New Year's Eve we rode the route and I nailed it first time. I was so happy but Helen didn't get it on video so I had to go back and do it again. I nearly stacked it the second time, haha. The next day I won my first UCI cyclocross race, making this my favorite moment because I guess it shows confidence is a real thing